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Yellow Neutralizer Shampoo

Anti Yellow Shampoo

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What's this ?

Glacial is a professional shampoo that in addition to gently cleansing the hair, instantly neutralizes yellow reflections, giving bleached, blond, streaked and natural white hair a cold, brilliant and homogeneous reflection, thanks to its special formula that contains a purple pigment with action intensive.


1000 ml


Mele verdi


To contrast dry hair or with a dull tone.

The apple is rich in water which combined with the high concentration of vitamins (C, A, E, B) makes it a super effective natural remedy to rehydrate and reinvigorate the capillary tone.



An important source of vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B and mineral salts, lemon is a very useful product, finally, against hair loss, as it balances the natural pH of the scalp and helps eliminate dead cells.



The grape is known for its revitalizing and strengthening power. Source of vitamin E, it prevents thin and damaged hair from falling by improving circulation in the scalp.

Grano raccolto

Wheat and silk proteins

Silk proteins have a powerful effect,

polishing, conditioning, anti-frizz and disciplining.

Wheat proteins strengthen the hair and give it volume, making it shiny and hydrated.

In addition, wheat proteins have an action

anti-aging and softening that helps the hair

to keep yourself perfectly healthy.

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