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The new professional brand iAM4u was born in Italy with over thirty years experience in the hair care industry of its founders. Innovative, sexy with charm and effective, iAM4u combines the continuous research of advanced technologies and the highest attention to details. The Italian design, practical but elegant, is able to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our mission is to create hair care products that really do what they say, respecting the environment and preserving the beauty of the hair. In order to achieve this: We continuously research new technologies We use the best raw materials. We focus on the hair’s health. Our key concept is innovation. At iAM4u, we believe in the “marketing of the truth” because we love transparency and we want to create a relationship of trust between us and our customers. Raw materials are chosen among the finest ones in order to get the best result, according to a vision that goes beyond the concept nowadays often abused of “organic”. We strive to achieve effectiveness and performance. Our motto is “products that do what they say”.

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